My reactions when someone tells me I can


Everyone's story starts somewhere. Mine started when I had my daughter in my early twenties. Up until that point I thought it was satisfactory to live my life paycheck to paycheck and work multiple jobs to get by. In my family, that's all I ever knew. I became a single mom less than three months into my daughter's life and realized I wanted more for her than I was ever given. I worked tirelessly and with little to no reward. To top it off, I was missing all of these moments I so desperately wanted to be spending with my daughter.

In 2015, I started a health journey because I needed to lose over 100 pounds. Someone I had considered a leader talked about my weight and pushed me to my breaking point. I started to change my lifestyle and dove into persona; development. I heard about vision boards and decided to give it a try thinking to myself, "What's the worst that could happen?"

Then the craziest thing happened...things on the board started happening! 

"Less perfection, more authenticity"

Here we are years later and not only am I still creating new boards, but I get to help other people design their future life!


With these methods you will be learning I have successfully lost over 100 pounds, became a six figure a year woman and have built a million dollar plus organization. I have had the pleasure of experiencing many moments on my future board, a method I've learned through my coach and mentor, Sarah Centrella, and have the honor of now passing it onto you! 

Sarah Centrella is a best-selling author and life coach and I had the privilege to work directly with her.  You can read about the method we use by checking out either of her books, Hustle believe receive and #Futureboards.   


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