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Hello! My name is Toree

"Since my first conversation with Melissa, I have felt like I’ve known her my entire life. She has this amazing energy that puts you at ease and makes you feel that you are in a safe place full of love and appreciation and you cannot help but open up to her. Going through this course with her has been an adventure in learning about myself and she has been my passenger along for the ride, helping to dig out the snacks, pick the radio station, and giving advice and suggestions to decipher the map that is my future life. Using the HBR Method and the tools that are taught in the course, she has helped to give advice and feedback as I went through the homework, offering any help and clarification on the tools being taught and how to apply them to my life situations when I needed help along the way. Although she is your coach, she has been like that really good friend you love and adore and visit when you need that kick in the ass. That friend that wants to see you be a better version of yourself and will push you past where you think you can go, helping you to dig deeper and learn more about yourself to work towards your better self; always there to help and encourage you when you need it as you take the wheel of your life and learn how to drive that stick shift and get going down the road to an amazing future you are building. I’m excited to see where this road I’m on is going and grateful and appreciative to work with Melissa along the way as a mentor and coach and look forward to her guidance and wisdom in the future."

"Your life is as good as your mindset"

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Melissa is a wife, mother, sales superstar and life coach. she believes that growth exists outside of comfort zones and has continued to push the envelope in her own life.  



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